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Download Photo Lunar New Year 2023 (Here)

Please click Open, Install, or Download to get the Chinese New Year 2023 twibbon here. You can directly edit photos online to create a profile photo for the Chinese New Year 2023 theme on social media.


For information, January 22, 2023 is designated as Chinese New Year. Talking about Chinese New Year, of course, it cannot be separated from lanterns, lion dances, and other red colors.

Chinese New Year 2023 enters the Water Rabbit zodiac. You can celebrate on social media online by posting a twibbon or a Chinese New Year theme profile photo that we share.

To be able to give Chinese New Year greetings, you can easily use the digital photo frame options below. You can directly upload personal or family photos here.

1. First, please open Twibbonize on your cellphone or laptop.
2. Then type in the keywords 2023 Chinese New Year, 2023 Chinese New Year, gong xi fa cai, Chinese New Year, or something similar.
3. After that, a number of templates or Chinese-themed photo frames will appear that you can use.
4. You can directly select a photo or image in the gallery on your cellphone or laptop.
5. Adjust the location of the photo so that it fits in the frame you choose.
6. Then click Create Campaign and finally select the Download option.

How to Make Your Own Chinese New Year Twibbon 2023

If you don't want to use an existing frame or digital photo frame, you can also use it yourself. The method is quite easy, please follow the instructions below.

1. First, you can download the Canva application by clicking here.
2. Second, please open the application and log in using your account.
3. On the app's home page, click the plus icon and select the "Instagram Content" option to create a twibbon.
4. Then you will be redirected to the twibbon design creation page.
5. On that page a white square will appear as the basis for the twibbon.
6. You can change the color to be the background by clicking the "Color" option.
7. If so, in that field please add some elements according to your needs.
8. To add elements, please click the plus icon and select the "Elements" option.

There will be lots of elements for you to choose from, such as animal shapes, moons, paint strokes, abstracts, and so on. If you have chosen a background, you can add several elements.

Please add a photo frame field by clicking the "Elements" plus icon. After that, find and select the field that suits your needs, whether it's round, square, or square.

Not only that, you can also add text to your twibbon designs. You do this by selecting the "Text" option. After that you can find the menu bar at the bottom of the app screen.

When you have finished creating a twibbon frame, you can click the Download option. Twibbon images that have been successfully downloaded can be directly stored in the cellphone gallery.

Before downloading on Twibbonize, you must make the background transparent. The goal is to replace them with photos of people who want to use your twibbon.