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Investment has become a trend in recent years. What's more, there are now many of the best trading applications that make it easier for more people to invest. Trading can be in the form of buying and selling foreign currencies or stocks

The luck factor may be able to make your wealth increase when trading. However, not everyone can get this luck. Everyone who invests money needs to be equipped with various knowledge. Therefore, you need to know how to open yourself to let knowledge enter you.

Many traders have created content for you to learn how to become a good trader. You can also come to seminars on investment. More knowledge will make you careful in trading.

In trading, you need to be quite comfortable doing buying and selling activities. You also have to be good at reading the movement of the market so that you can take the right steps. For that, use the best trading applications below:

1. FXTM Trader - best trading platform crypto

This crypto trading platform has won an award as the World Finance Best Trading Experience in 2020. FXTM Trader provides a pleasant experience in trading. In addition, this application provides convenience with a very minimal and easy deposit. In terms of security, this application makes fingerprint security or a 4-digit PIN every time you want to open it. You can trade forex, stocks, and gold from this application.

2. NetDania - Best trading platform europe

You can get more benefits through this application. The reason is, there are notifications that tell the right time to enter and exit the market. You can also get strategies from fellow traders to get double profits. The NetDania application also has more than 20,000 financial instruments in it. You can also choose a variety of popular local stocks.

3. Ajaib - online trading platform

This trading application also provides many conveniences for beginners. You will be given various stock analyzes with good performance and value. Both you and the investor will benefit from investing in stocks. Not only stocks, you can also invest in mutual funds there. The choice of instruments is also very large and varied. You will also be given an analysis of the performance of each instrument.

4. Stockbit - best forex trading platform

Even novice traders can use this application to make money. Stockbit as forex trading platform has an easy-to-read interface even for beginners. You can buy and sell stocks in just one touch. Another plus is the online community in it. You can discuss directly with other traders to seek knowledge. Relax, the security system of this application is quite guaranteed. Your data and treasure will not be leaked easily.

5. MIFX Mobile - online stock trading apps

This application is trusted because it is an official broker in Indonesia. You can start trading immediately after creating an account in the application. Don't worry, you will also get a guide for trading for the first time. If you don't want to use real money, MIFX Mobile provides trading simulations in the application. You will be given $10,000 to trade. From there, you can while learning how to read the market.

6. OctaFX - best trading platfrom for beginners

OctaFX provides a lot of convenience to start trading forex. You immediately start trading foreign currencies. You will get a fixed Rupiah exchange rate when you make a deposit for the first time. That is, the value will not change even if there is a change in the exchange rate. In this application too, there is a profit calculator. So, you can calculate first before selling or buying back forex. OctaFX also regularly conducts contests with various forex prizes.

7. FBS - best trading app on US and Canada

Financial Broker Success or better known as FBS is also a comfortable trading place. You can even buy shares for less than 1 lot. There is also a demo account for you to learn to trade before jumping right into the exchange. FBS also offers a very small deposit value. You can also use major banks in Indonesia or through a credit card.

8. Bibit - best stock trading app

The Bibit online stock trading apps application is also a mainstay for novice investors. You only need to make a deposit starting from IDR 10,000 to be able to invest. The investment instruments are also quite diverse, ranging from stocks, mutual funds, to bonds. The robo advisor feature gives you the right investment advice. You simply allocate funds into the feature and see for yourself the results. No need to worry about its safety. The seeds have also been registered and supervised by the OJK. Those are a series of the best trading applications that you can directly download on your smartphone. Remember, you still have to consider carefully before transacting, yes. Happy trading!

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