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5 Best Cryptocurrency Apps For Crypto Trading


Currently, crypto currency is being loved by many people. Some trade crypto for the short term, but some people choose to invest long term because it is considered in the future, digital currencies will have a bright future.

It's natural for those of you who want to try crypto trading to feel confused about which application to use to buy crypto assets. In this article, we will discuss some of the best crypto applications suitable for beginners and supervised by the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (CoFTRA).

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1. Crypto Store

The best and most complete crypto trading application in Indonesia is opened by TokoCrypto. This application that has been verified by BAPPEBTI and Kominfo has a friendly interface, making it easy to use and understand.

TokoCrypto is also a digital asset exchange platform equipped with crypto buying and selling features, crypto asset transactions, and so on. TokoCrypto has advantages such as a low minimum deposit of IDR 50,000 and relatively low transaction fees.

But for those of you who often use credit cards, you can't top up through this method. TokoCrypto only supports bank transfers and OVO.

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2. Indodax

Another complete crypto buying application that has obtained BAPPEBTI's permission is Indodax. With legal permission, Indodax is definitely safe to use.

Similarly, you can buy and sell crypto using this application. Interestingly, Indodax is equipped with chat analysis and stop loss which is very useful for users, especially beginners in the field of crypto trading.

However, Indodax is not like TokoCrypto which has a low minimum deposit. You have to set aside a minimum of IDR 500 thousand to make a deposit on this best crypto trading platform.

3. Luno

The best and most complete crypto trading application in Indonesia, the next one is Luno. For those of you who like to watch free YouTube videos, you usually see application ads in the middle of the video.

Yup! Luno is one of the most popular crypto buying applications in Indonesia. The interface is simple and easy to learn, even for beginners. 

As for the deposit, you only need a minimum of IDR 50,000. You can already transact via this application. Apart from being verified by an official body, Luno also requires users to verify super-complete data, one of which is selfies.

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4. Upbit

The next recommendation is Upbit. This application is dubbed “The Most Trusted Digital-Asset Exchange”, because it carries the latest blockchain technology in its financial services.

However, because the technology is super secure, the verification process to get into this application is quite difficult. It takes a few steps before you can use it for crypto asset transactions.

Even so, thanks to secure technology, the digital assets of users are guaranteed security. Oh yes, Upbit is one of the best lightweight crypto applications, so the transaction process can run quickly and without interruption.

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5. Binance

If so, get into one of the biggest crypto trading apps. So popular, this app even has its own currency called Binance Coin.

For traders, the Binance cryptocurrency app is renowned for its low transaction fees and its layered security system to safeguard users' digital assets. Not to mention, Binance provides hundreds of digital assets in it.

However, this most complete crypto application was declared illegal and did not have a permit as a crypto trading service provider by BAPPEBTI. However, this application is still trusted by many users today.