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Best Photo Editor App for Smartphone

The best photo editing application is one of the most sought after tools by smartphone users, especially those who like to pose with image editing services. Just click DownloadOpen, or Install.

You also don't need to update your smartphone by buying the latest Andoid or iPhone. Just use a free professional photo editing services on your phone. After that, you can make photo frame easily.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

As one of the big names in the world of photo editor APKs, we feels no longer needs to introduce this one Adobe Photoshop Express, an alternative for Photodiva.

In short, Adobe Photoshop Express is an application for editing photos 'instant' version of the photo editing software for PC, Adobe Photoshop. This app is similiar to Movavi photo manager.

While not as comprehensive as the PC version, it has a much simpler interface and more importantly, it's free to use and you can download from Play Store.

2. Adobe Lightroom

In contrast to Adobe Photoshop Express which is more devoted to professionals, Adobe also provides Adobe Lightroom as a lighter photo editing application.

This best photo editing apk, alternative for Lunapic color changer, doesn't have the full features of its 'brother' but makes it easy for users to edit photos in just a few clicks.

In addition, this application also has a more complete image sharing feature and is perfect for those of you who use social media a lot and you can download from Play Store.

3. Pixlr

For Android smartphone users, the Pixlr app is very popular. From this one free aesthetic photo editing application, you can produce cool and interesting contemporary photos.

Pixlr is a photo editing application for Android and iOS that provides free photo editing services. Pixlr features are very diverse, ranging from basic editing features, professional, to aesthetic editing.

Pixlr provides very complete features, ranging from basic editing, pro with various filters to the feature of managing photos manually using the available editing templates and you can download from Play Store.