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Download Best Movie Streaming Apps

The existence of a movie streaming application is another option for movie lovers to watch their favorite films without having to go to the cinema. You can enjoy movies while lying down at home through a movie streaming application.

Now there are many movie streaming applications that you can enjoy. In addition, these applications offer films of various genres. The following are recommendations for the best legal movie streaming applications.

1. Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular movie streaming applications in the world, even in the United States. You could say that Netflix is a pioneer in the trend of movie streaming applications in the United States. The application, which was launched in 1997, provides various films and series with various exciting genres, as in the following recommendations.

Among his popular original series are Money Heist, Dark, Stranger Things, Squid Game, and Alice in Borderland. Netflix can also be enjoyed on various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs.

Download: Click Here

2. Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar is a movie streaming application that must be owned by Marvel fans. The reason is, it's not only filmed by Marvel that is shown on Disney+ but also by various series which of course have interrelated stories. Apart from Marvel films, Disney+ Hotstar also provides other world-class films and series, such as Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and others.

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The next movie streaming application is HBO GO. The streaming application is owned by the premium television network, HBO. You can watch famous series on the film streaming application, such as Chernobyl, Game of Thrones, and Silicon Valley. To enjoy HBO GO services, you can subscribe directly through iTunes or Google Play.

Download: Click Here

4. Mola TV

For sports fans, the Mola TV streaming application can be an option to subscribe to. Mola TV provides live broadcasts of various sports, such as football, basketball, martial arts, golf, and others. However, apart from showing sports shows, Mola TV also provides movies and series that are no less exciting and interesting. Among the famous films and series on Mola TV are Victoria, Poldark, and Megan.

Download: Click Here

5. Viu

For you fans of Korean dramas, this movie streaming application can be an option. That's because Viu prioritizes films and series originating from Korea, so there are many choices of Korean dramas that can be watched on Viu. Among the dramas that air on Viu is Reply 1988, Ghost Doctor, Dream High, and What's Wrong with Secretary Kim.

Apart from Drakor, Viu also provides other Asian films and series, such as Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Indian dramas. Not only that, Viu can be enjoyed for free, although you will get a lot of advertisements while watching.

Download: Click Here

6. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a movie streaming application owned by one of the largest e-commerce companies, Amazon. The application, which was created in 2006, presents exciting films and series, such as Escape from Pretoria, The Mauritanian, Sound of Metal, and Black Box.

Download: Click Here

7. WeTV

WeTV is a movie streaming application that provides various American films and series that have aired in theaters. Apart from that, many of WeTV's original series are booming and are liked by the public, such as Layangan Disconnect, Imperfect, and My Lecture My Husband.

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