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Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers' compensation insurance helps your employees recover from work-related injuries or illnesses so they can return to work faster. Start your workers compensation insurance quote today Workers' Compensation Insurance

What is Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Workers' compensation insurance, also known as workers' comp or workers' comp, provides benefits to your employees in the event that they are injured or become ill on the job. These benefits can help:
  • Covering their medical care and treatment
  • Replace most of their lost wages if they take time off work to recover
  • Disability pension provision
  • Provide death benefits, such as help to pay for funeral expenses if they lose their life in a work-related accident or work-related illness
  • The workers comp has benefits for you, the small business owner, too. Includes liability insurance. Therefore, if your business faces lawsuits from injured workers or their families, workers comp can help pay your legal fees.
You aim to run your business as securely as possible. However, no matter what you do, workplace accidents can happen and employees can get sick from their jobs. If these situations arise, you'll need the peace of mind knowing you have workers' compensation coverage for your small business. At Hartford, we've helped protect businesses with business insurance for more than 200 years. So if the unexpected happens, we've got your back and are here to help protect you, your employees and your small business.

How does workers compensation work?

Workers' compensation protects employees. If one of your employees is injured on the job or becomes ill on the job, workers' compensation provides benefits to help them recover. It can help protect your workers if:
  • A flight of stairs in your office
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by bad typing habits
  • You will be injured in a car accident while visiting a client
  • It can also help pay for training your employees for new roles if they can't return to their old roles. And if they can't return to work at all, workers' compensation coverage can provide long-term disability benefits.
Know that most states require employers to cover workers' compensation. Laws vary by state and may include exemptions for certain types of employees. For example, workers classified as federal employees receive coverage through a program administered by the Department of Labor.
We've designed our programs to support small businesses, and we're here to help improve the safety and well-being of your employees and help them get back to work as soon as possible.
Benefits of Hartford companies include:
  • Preferred network of medical providers
  • Features of prescription drugs
  • Needle Stick Reimbursement Program
  • Back to Health Nursing Program
  • Pay-as-you-go payment solutions

How much is workers compensation insurance?

According to our policy statements, most of our clients with payrolls under $300,000 pay an average of $70 per month for workers' compensation insurance.
Average Monthly Workers' Compensation Cost for Hartford Clients: 1
More than a million dollars
500 thousand dollars - 1 million dollars
$300,000 - $500,000
$150,000 - $300,000
$100K - $150K
$50K - $100K
Less than $50k
Move the "Payroll" arrow to see approximate monthly expenses.

About the amount of salary:
Approximate monthly price
The insurance company uses a variety of factors to arrive at workers' compensation rates. This could include your business:
the industry
The type of work of the employee
Claim history
The National Insurance Compensation Board sets classification codes based on the type of people working in the workplace. If your business has a history of claims, this can increase the cost of coverage.
You can use this formula to estimate the cost of your workers' comp insurance:
labor camp
Remember that this is a simplified formula to help you calculate the cost of coverage. If you're wondering how to get workers' compensation insurance, we can help. Getting a workers comp quote is the best way to find out how much coverage will cost your business.
Workers' compensation accounts.