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The Best Conference Calling Services

The best way to make conference calls easier is to choose the right conference solution for your exact needs. Will you be hosting events with large or small crowds or a combination of both? Will your meetings be short or long and can the solution provider accommodate longer events? Do you want to organize audio or video conferences or both?

Make a list of the features you need from your conference call service and make sure the platform you choose can meet these needs before making a final purchase. Many solutions offer free trials, which is the best way to test whether a particular service will meet your organization's needs.

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Valuable conference calling features

There are many desirable features in audio and video conferencing solutions that help you make well-organized and efficient conference calls. Some features will help you set up calls more easily, others allow you to facilitate discussions and collaboration, and others help you track and report basic event parameters.

Here is a list of conference call features you may want your solution provider to include in their feature set:

cloud snapshots


Screen sharing

Mute the participant

Side rooms

Ability to add flight participants

bottom closed


File sharing

Attendance reports

Ability to remove a participant from a conference

waiting rooms

Public and private chat

Excellent call and video quality

End-to-end encryption

Analysis of events

Low bandwidth requirement for sharing

Business software integration

Choosing the best conference calling software

Once you've identified your organization's specific goals for hosting conference calls and examined the types of features you need to achieve those goals, it's time to choose a specific program.

All major group calling services offer free trials, so be sure to test out the software before committing to a specific plan. Forbes RingCentral,, and GoToMeeting are the best conference calling services on the market today, so if you're not sure where to start, start exploring these great options.