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Car insurance can cover your costs if your car is damaged in an accident, theft, vandalism or fire. You are legally required to have one if you own or drive a vehicle, unless you have officially declared it off-road via SORN (Off-Road Legal Notice). You can be fined at least £300 and six penalty points if you are caught driving without car insurance. And if you end up in court, you face an unlimited fine and could be disqualified from driving.

The type of car insurance you need depends on the level of coverage you want.
comprehensive code

Fully comprehensive

Comprehensive policies provide the best car insurance protection and can be the cheapest level of cover for many drivers. It's worth comparing to see if this is the best car insurance for you.

Average cost: £535/year [3]

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Code of theft and third-party shooting
Third party, fire and theft
You can pay if your car is stolen or damaged by fire. Although it protects you against the costs of damage or injury to third parties, it will not cover the costs of damage to your vehicle in an accident.

Average cost: £804/year [4]
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Only third party code

Third party only

Third party cover is the minimum cover required to legally drive on UK roads. It covers you in case of injury or damage to other people and their property. There is no cover for you or your own car.

Average cost: £1202/year [5]

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51% of our customers were quoted less than [3] £534.62 for comprehensive car insurance, [4] £803.30 for third party fire and theft car insurance, [5] £1,201.75 for insurance on a third party car.

Prices are correct as of June 2022.

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With great customer reviews and huge market coverage, our unbiased and rewarding comparison service is the best choice for comparing car insurance rates.

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How much does car insurance cost?
The price reflects the risks faced by the insurance provider. They determine the value of your car, how much it costs to replace or repair it, how likely it is to be stolen, whether you drive responsibly and how many miles you drive.

535 pounds
for comprehensive coverage [6]

285 pounds
More than 50 years [7]

267 pounds
More than 60 years [8]

292 pounds
for over 70s [9]

550 pounds
For educated drivers [10]

1,156 pounds
For young drivers [11]

What can affect your price?

Insurance group - the lower the insurance group of your car, the less likely you will pay the premium
How much you drive - Your chances of an accident are lower if you have low annual mileage, so your car insurance can be cheaper.
Your business - some occupations are less risky than others and result in lower premiums
Your address - If you live in a low claims area, this can translate into lower premiums.
Your age - Older drivers pay much less than younger drivers because they are considered to have more experience.
Your driving experience - Experienced drivers with no claims usually pay less than new drivers and young drivers because they pose less risk
Any criminal convictions Avoiding points on your license keeps insurance premiums low, as convicted drivers are considered a higher risk, so are more likely to pay more.
No Claims - Your claims history, including any no claims deductions, can make your premium cheaper.
Additional Drivers - Adding a named driver to your policy can lower your premium if they are an experienced, no-claims driver.
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[6] 51% of our customers received less than £534.62 for comprehensive car insurance.

[7] 51% of those over 50 can get an offer of up to £285 for theirs