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Best RV Insurnce Companies

RV insurance is essential, whether you plan to live in your RV full-time or use it on occasional trips. Like auto insurance, a recreational vehicle insurance policy provides financial protection in the event of accidents, injuries, and other unfortunate scenarios.

This means it can reimburse you for repairs and hospital bills and provide liability protection if someone is injured or their property is damaged. Read our list of the best RV insurance companies and learn how to choose the coverage that best suits your needs.

Best RV Insurance Agency: Good Sam

Why we chose this company: Good Sam Insurance Agency is the best choice for those who need help choosing coverage. It connects you with some of the best RV insurance companies available and helps you get a comprehensive policy that fits your needs.

Good Sam works with well-known insurance companies such as Progressive, Foremost, SafeCo and National General. Some of the standard coverage options you can get with Good Sam include comprehensive protection, collision and liability, property damage and personal injury protection.

Other allowances include full replacement cost, personal items and emergency costs. The agency can even help you determine a full-time mobile insurance policy if you use your RV as a permanent residence.

Good Sam is also a great option for people driving their RV across the border into Mexico. The company partners with, which can connect you with one of three different insurance companies based in Mexico. Agents can recommend extras for your cross-border travel based on your specific needs, and you can purchase policies for a day trip or longer.

It also provides a storage discount, which allows you to pause your collision and liability coverage when your motorhome or trailer is stored for more than 30 consecutive days. This can help you save on monthly premiums if you only use your RV for occasional trips.

Best for Multiple Discounts: Nationwide

Why we chose this company: National Insurance offers more than 10 different discounts, including discounts for remaining claim-free during the previous policy period or installing safety devices such as smoke detectors.

Most RV insurance companies offer discounts that can help you save on premiums. However, Nationwide's discount menu is particularly extensive, with more than 10 discount options available.

You can save money by bundling your RV policy with your existing home insurance, taking safety courses, belonging to an RV organization (such as the National RV Association), prepaying the annual policy, or purchasing the company's Full Timer package .

Please note that not all discounts are listed on the Nationwide website and some are only shown during the pricing process. For example, according to a customer service representative, they also offer other discounts for installing safety features such as a tire pressure monitoring system or a fiberglass body.

Their standard policy includes liability, collision, medical payment, uninsured/underinsured motorist and comprehensive coverage. Additional endorsements include roadside assistance, towing and labor, vacation liability, windshield replacement, replacement costs and Mexico coverage.

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Best for full replacement: General National


Covering specialist equipment such as solar panels

Pause coverage while the RV is in stock

Experts help you find a new RV in the event of a total loss


Eligibility, benefits, coverage and discounts vary by state

Limited policy information on their website

Why we chose this company: Full replacement cost coverage can usually only be purchased during the first year of the RV model. However, National General allows you to get a driver through the first five years of your RV model.

With full replacement cost coverage, also known as total loss replacement, the RV is replaced with a new or similar one if it is totaled or stolen. You may also receive compensation for the original purchase price of the vehicle.

This type of coverage is usually only available for newly purchased mobile homes or travel trailers that are up to one or two years old. For example, a 2022 model will likely qualify until 2024. So if you buy a used RV or don't insure a new one as soon as possible, you risk your vehicle being ineligible.

With National General, on the other hand, RVs qualify for the first five model years. Com