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USAA Car Insurance Review

USAA ranked #1 for the second year in a row thanks to high customer approval ratings. Drivers who qualify for insurance with USAA typically have lower rates, above-average customer service and claims processing.
  • The pros and cons of USAA
  • Positives:
  • Below average rates for drivers
  • Highest rated customer service among other insurance companies
  • Negatives:
  • Available to USAA members only

Is car insurance good in the US?

US News Rating
Yes, USAA is good car insurance. USAA is ranked #1 out of 10 auto insurers in the 2022 Best Insurers of the Year rankings, making it a good choice for qualified drivers looking for affordable insurance. Based on our survey results, USAA ranked first in nearly every subcategory we looked at, including Best for Customer Service, Best for Customer Loyalty, Most Likely to Recommend, and Most Likely to Renew.

In addition to strong research results, USAA has the lowest rates and is ranked #1 in our 2022 list of the cheapest car insurance companies. On average, USAA customers pay $1,000 a year for coverage, nearly 35% less than the national average.

USAA Customer Service

USAA takes first place in the "Best Customer Service" subcategory. It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. According to our survey data, nearly 65% ​​of USAA policyholders who have not filed a claim report are completely satisfied with the ease of contacting customer service and the service they received. Respondents who made claims felt similarly, with 64% saying they were completely satisfied and 67% saying they felt similarly about the service they received.

USAA Claims Processing

Links no. 1 of USAA by processing claims with passengers and farmers. Among USAA customers who submitted a claim, 65% said they were completely satisfied with the ease of submitting their claim and the communication they received while their claim was being processed. Nearly 67% of survey respondents said they were satisfied with the decision to file their claim

USAA Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty indicates the likelihood that a policyholder will not only renew their policy with their current insurance company, but also their willingness to recommend the insurance company to other drivers seeking coverage. USAA ranks #1 in our most likely to recommend and most likely to renew categories. High scores in those categories allow it to take first place in the Best Customer Loyalty category.

According to our survey data, nearly 64% of policyholders who have not filed a claim say they are very likely to renew their policy with USAA. This number drops slightly among policyholders who have filed a claim, with 61% saying they are very likely to renew.

Fifty-three percent of policyholders who have not filed a claim say they are very likely to recommend their insurance company to other drivers. This figure rose to 57% among customers who submitted a claim.

How Much Does USAA Car Insurance Cost?

USAA has the lowest auto insurance rates for most drivers. With an average gross of $1,000 per year, USAA ranks first in our ranking of the cheapest car insurance companies for 2022. It also offers the lowest average rates for nearly every driver category we looked at, excluding DUI drivers. Both American Family and State Farm offer lower rates for drivers in this category.

The average rates included in our study are a good indication of how much a policy will cost, but they may not be indicative of your price. Insurance companies rely on several factors, such as age, driving history, location and credit history to determine your rate. The amount and type of coverage you choose and the vehicle you choose will also affect your rate. If you're shopping for coverage, it's best to compare several quotes before making your decision.

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USAA car insurance for you
US rates for teenage drivers
17 years
17 years old - male
United States of America
3,055 USD
national average
Parents and young drivers can save significantly by choosing USAA. It offers the lowest average rates for both male and female drivers. USAA's average rate is 45% to 48% lower than the national average.

USAA rates for young drivers
25 years
25 years old