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Tips Trading Forex Make Money

Forex Trading Tips Make Money, there are several tips that you can do to increase your chances of increasing the value of forex investments. basically the tips that I will write are tips that have been circulating on forex sites, but not all forex traders can apply these tips well.

Therefore, I hope that by writing a Forex Trading Tips article, it can remind forex traders that these tips are the most basic, but effective and efficient in maintaining profit consistency. below are some forex tips that I can give you:

The first tip is Analysis, combining various analyzes, starting from Technical Fundamentals and so on. By combining Technical and Fundamental Analysis, you can make your trading accuracy more accurate, rather than relying on only one analysis.

The second tip is to apply good money management. this is important, because the application of good money management can reduce the psychological pressure of your trading! any good analysis without good trading psychological support, will certainly make you hesitate and carelessness occurs, this can harm your investment.

For example, you Invest 100 million, then you trade 1 lot with 1:100 leverage (1 lot is equivalent with 1%, try to imagine what will happen if you minus 100 floating points, of course you will become nervous and feel afraid that your Forex investment will disappear that day. it would be unhealthy if you trade in such a depressed state! In the long run, you will definitely lose your money.

The third tip is to apply good risk management, if your strategy is hedging, apply a lock system, and if you are a daily trader don't forget to put a stop loss. its function is when market movements do not match our predictions, the losses we will experience have been predicted in advance. and try to set a stop loss limit, it must be acceptable to you. because it is very likely that the market will touch your stop loss.

The fourth forex trading tip is to take care of your trading psychology, well. whether it's listening to music, yoga, or sports!. Maintaining your trading psychology is very mandatory, because this is the main reason why your investment will always lose.

Analyze as sophisticated and detailed as any if your trading psychology is not good. surely you will not get any profit! because when your trade is floating minus, you will be in a hurry to close it. and this is in forex investment, floating minus will definitely happen every day. so in other words don't let every time you trade, you experience a very big fear. Of course, in the long term this can damage your mental health.

The fifth tip is, be roomy. In investment there must be such a thing as risk. be it forex, stocks, futures, trading, and others, there must be risks. when we get profit for sure we will be happy! but when we lose we will be upset and angry. sometimes we get angry, it's natural.

But if every day you get angry and complain that your forex investment profits are too small, surely the investment will be unpleasant for you! when we lose positive thinking, that there is still tomorrow. and when a little profit! think it's better than losing. because little by little there will be a lot.

What is forex and how does it work Hopefully the 5 tips above can help your forex investment achieve the expected consistency. in forex there must be losses, as long as our trading is limited by stop losses, your investment will be safer and the losses can still be tolerated, and can make you psychologically less depressed.

In forex investing there are no shortcuts, even though we use robots as expensive as anything, still the name is that there are losses, and you as a forex trader definitely know this. apply the 5 basic forex tips above, I guarantee your investment will be better. when compared to not applying the 5 basic tips above.