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RefiJet Auto Loan Refinance and Lease Buyout Loans

Founded in 2016, RefiJet is an auto loan aggregator that partners with a network of over 20 lenders to offer auto loan refinancing, lease-purchase car loans and cash-out refinancing. Car loans are not offered.

RefiJet describes the company's "very personal process for facilitating auto refinance loans" on its website. This process does not currently include a full online application. Instead, borrowers work with a financial services representative over the phone to provide application information, and this FSR remains their contact throughout the loan process.

Using this information, RefiJet matches applicants with lenders in its network and provides loan options for which the applicant can prequalify. This is done through a simplified credit check and will not affect the applicant's credit scores. Applicants select an option, which is then submitted to the approval provider and may result in a difficult credit check.

RefiJet also offers cash-out refinancing, which means that borrowers with a vehicle title can get cash through their refinance loan. Borrowers must weigh the pros and cons of cash-out car refinancing.

RefiJet may be suitable for those who:

Want to compare loan options: Prequalifying with an easy credit check will not affect an applicant's credit score.

Prefer assistance in the loan process: applicants receive individual assistance from loan application and selection to title transfer documentation.

Spanish-speaking applicants: RefiJet offers a Spanish version of its website, and Spanish-speaking representatives are available to assist.

A quick look at RefiJet

Note that aggregators like Refijet work with many different lenders, so the information provided is general and may reflect the high or low available among their loan partners.

The application process

Establishment Fee: Yes. The setup fee is $395.

Personal data required: address, telephone, email and date of birth for the initial contact form on the website.

Pre-qualification available: Yes. Borrowers can get several pre-qualified offers with price and payment estimates. Offers are good for 30 days.

Online, in person, or both: Applicant provides information to a financial services representative over the phone. After qualification, borrowers upload documents through a secure portal.

Approval speed: 24 hours after submitting all information.

Funding: 1 day or less after loan closing.



Other loan details

Customer services

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How does this loan compare?




EST. April

1.99 - 17.99%

EST. April

1.99 - 21.99%

EST. April

5.99 - 10.99%

the amount of the loan

5000 - 100 000 dollars

the amount of the loan

5000 - 100 000 dollars

the amount of the loan

5000 - 100 000 dollars

minute. Balance level


minute. Balance level


minute. Balance level


Car Hire Purchase Loan Review


RefiJet - Lease-to-Lease Loan

not yet rated

EST. April

1.99 - 17.99%

the amount of the loan

$5,000 - $100,000

minute. Balance level


On RefiJet


Prequalification is offered through an easy credit check.

Some network lenders offer a discount rate with auto pay.

Customer service is available on Saturdays.

Provides a Spanish version of the site.


It charges a setup fee of $395.

Not available in several countries.

The fully online application is not available to applicants who prefer it.

Best for applicants who would like practical help through the hire purchase process, including transfer of ownership. Borrowers with bad or fair credit may qualify.

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More from RefiJet

RefiJet also offers GAP insurance and extended service contracts, which can be converted into a loan to the borrower.

Borrowers can also take advantage of resources on the RefiJet website, including auto refinance videos, a blog and answers to frequently asked questions.

RefiJet Auto Loan Loan Rates

Lenders set their own requirements, but the lowest rates are usually only available to borrowers with good or excellent credit (FICO score 690 and above). With fair or bad credit, you won't get the lowest interest rates, which means your monthly payment and total interest paid will be more.

You can check your credit score before applying for a car loan.

Loan Example: According to the NerdWallet Auto Loan Calculator which