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Recommended Local Bank Regulated Broker

Recommended Local Bank Regulated Broker Evening Boss, ask for enlightenment because I'm just learning to trade

1. Which broker according to the master is recommended by the master?

2. I am looking for a broker who can deposit and withdraw via a local bank (Bank Mandiri) and can directly enter my account at the recommended broker

3. Is it dangerous if I invest in gold in a broker with large funds?


1. We recommend trading with regulated brokers and also those that do not accept illegal payment media, so that it is safe and can be used for the long term.

2. If you ask us where to trade? we personally trade using FBS2. If it's a true foreign broker, it won't work, because if he has a local bank account, he must be registered with CoFTRA and become a local broker.
so at the right foreign broker, then everything must be direct and without going through a middleman or other person to transfer the money.

(unless it's a foreign broker who is wrong, they can, but it's not safe).

Because that's an ILLEGAL and dangerous method, and a broker like that is definitely a rogue or rogue broker. At local brokers you can, but at local brokers they have a bad system and it is more difficult to make a profit, and they are bothered by commissions, dealers, etc. due to CoFTRA's extortion.

3. Take a look at the broker first, if it's a brokerage company check it out, don't worry, sir