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Overcome the Lose Bankruptcy of Forex Trading Failed

Getting a profit in forex trading up to tens of percent in one trading activity is not a difficult matter. But it's getting consistent profits that's hard to do. And what is impossible is not to lose at all. let's do it together.

Considering the situation like that, every trader needs to have accuracy and a smart strategy so that forex trading can be a source of life. One of the smart strategies is to create a Free Forex No Deposit account, the security obtained is made from the results of collecting trading profits. If you want to make forex trading your profession on which to live, obviously the first step is to train yourself as optimally as possible in order to be able to analyze price movements relatively accurately. That's what allows a trader to make a profit, although of course not forever.

Then, trade for 1 month. If during that 1 month you can make a profit, you have sufficient capital to make forex trading a profession. Now it's just a matter of strategy so that you are not paralyzed when unexpected events occur. From the trading results for a successful month, send half of the profits to another account as a profit saving account (safety account).... The other half remains in your trading account to compensate for losses and increase your capital.

Now you can trade on two accounts. After one month, start paying all your bills and necessities of life from the security account. Pay bills according to the results obtained from the profit in the security account. Do not force yourself to take the results in the main account, especially taken all of the capital in the main account. If you can survive with the results of the security account, then you are worthy to continue this profession. If the opposite happens, you should think again. Don't put your life in a risky situation that you can't fully manage and understand.

Keep doing this for a few months and be completely honest and don't push yourself. The principle is, if you want to make forex trading a profession and a source of funds for your life, all you need to do is make sure you don't run out of trading capital. Therefore, it is necessary to be disciplined not to take trading capital on the main account. Even to take profit from the main account, you must still make sure there is something set aside to strengthen your capital position.

And it's only used to survive. Meanwhile, to pay your bills or debts, make sure it comes from a security account. If there is no result from the security account, just postpone paying all bills or debts. Because you can't be a trader anymore if your trading capital runs out or is drastically reduced to pay off debt.

To get the sweet fruits of forex trading, every trader needs a calm mental situation. If you are being chased by necessity, and you cannot manage its effect on your psyche, you should not make trading your profession. Because with such conditions, you will only dig a black hole for your life. It will only force you to immediately retire as a trader.

Furthermore, you need tight control even when you make a profit. You need to harvest money in good time. If the profit is sufficient, try to make a withdrawal (WD), in order to meet the priority needs. What you should not forget is that you need to protect your authorized capital, in addition to profits. It's like playing a game: you can't "win the game" if you can't stay in the game. You will not be able to make a profit if your account has no contents.

So, it is better to pay attention to the amount of capital if you really want to trade for a living. Those who want to trade for a living, but their basic capital does not support their goals, they cannot make a living from that trade. Wise advice for traders is, when they can achieve sufficient profit, traders can set aside their income to be used as a reserve fund as part of their readiness to face trading risks.