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Newrez Mortgage Review

Founded in 2008, Newrez is a national real estate lender licensed in all 50 states and Washington, DC.

It offers conventional loans, such as conventional and government-backed loans, as well as non-qualified flexible home loans (non-performing loans) for borrowers with unique circumstances.

Because Newrez only has branches in select states, it uses technology to streamline and streamline the loan application process for remote borrowers.

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New York mortgage rates

Working with Newrez

Newrez Customer Service Reviews

Mortgage loan products in Newrez

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New York mortgage rates

A lower mortgage rate can increase your home's purchasing power, help you get more home for your money, and lower your mortgage payments.

In 2021, Newry's average mortgage rates for a 30-year fixed loan were equal to or slightly lower than some of its main competitors. However, mortgage rates can vary greatly from one homeowner to another.

Average mortgage rates at top lenders

NewRez Mortgage Rocket Mortgage Wells Fargo Freedom Mortgage

30-year average interest rate 20211 3.06% 3.00% 3.14% 2.66%

Total average cost of the loan, $2,211 $4,490 $4,670 $3,600 3,880

Average construction fee, $2,211 $1,430 $2,430 $1,330 $0

Average rate and fee data obtained from public records for rates and fees required under the Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA).

Newrez does not advertise current interest rates on its website. To get a mortgage offer, you'll need to complete a loan application and speak to a mortgage loan advisor.

Newer Mortgage Review

Newrez LLC, originally called New Penn Financial, is a direct mortgage lender that offers a variety of flexible home loan solutions to make home ownership a reality for its customers.

Many banks, credit unions and mortgage companies offer home equity loans. But not every mortgage lender has solutions for every buyer. What sets Newrez apart is that in addition to conventional and government-backed loans, it has other specialized products to accommodate borrowers.

Non-Qualified Mortgage Loans in Newreys (Non-QM) are designed to help people with unaffordable applications such as:

Self-employed borrowers who want to get bank statement loans

real estate investors

Borrowers with previous credit failures

Non-QM loans can help these individuals get approved using alternative income verification documents. These programs may also have flexible credit guidelines.

Newrez also offers mortgages and home construction loans to real estate investors.

Working with Newrez

When shopping for a home loan, visiting the lender's website for pricing information is often the first step in the process. But since Newrez doesn't publicly advertise its rates online, you can only get this information by calling a Newrez loan officer.

Although the focus of their website is to provide you with a phone number to contact a company representative, Newrez provides some useful information for potential customers, including articles and guides.

Its mortgage calculator lets you predict your potential mortgage payments and adjusts for assumptions such as home insurance and property taxes in your target area.

Although there is no noticeable online option for loan pre-approval or pre-qualification, borrowers can submit their mortgage applications through the website.

To get started, fill out an application either online or through the lender's mobile app. Decide if you're interested in buying or refinancing, then provide personal and income information

After you fill out the application, you can use the lender's online portal to upload your supporting documents. This will include your most recent tax returns (2 years), payslips and bank statements

Once you start applying online, one of Newrez's loan advisors will contact you to discuss your mortgage options.

Newrez Customer Service Reviews

Newrez scored 786/1000 in the 2021 JD Power Mortgage Originator Satisfaction Study. Unfortunately, limited customer reviews don't make the best first impression.

Newrez has a 1.9 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot (based on 17 reviews) and a 3-star rating on LendingTree.

On the bright side, Newrez has not received any complaints from customers to the Fiscal Bureau.