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How to Learn Forex Trading

This is how to learn Forex trading. Basically, to learn forex is not difficult, but what becomes an obstacle or obstacle for every trader is how he controls between what he wants and the reality that happens or can be called a dream that does not match reality. 

Everyone certainly wants better things to be successful forex, but sometimes reality is not in line with what we want, in other words, being a trader must know what is good for him, and not what he wants. because everyone would want a lot of things, but that does not mean that many things are what he really needs.

Learning forex can sometimes make you confused, because everyone has their own way. Trader A said studying Graphics/Technical was the best thing, while Trader B said studying economic fundamentals was the most important thing, because it is the basis for the movement of a country's currency.

Then you as someone who just wants to start learning forex, will definitely ask yourself. are you a Technical-al or a Fundamental Trader? If I were you, I would answer that question easily. why not just learn both.

If I'm honest, studying Forex from a technical and fundamental perspective will certainly take a very long time. for most people it will take around 6 months, as they have to try and convince themselves that what he or she is learning is something that can pay off.

While studying fundamentals, it will certainly take longer, because not many traders know the ins and outs of a country's economy (how the economy works), and fundamentals can be said to be art or the art of analysis.

To learn Forex from the technical side you can visit existing forex forums such as

Forex Factory


MT5 Forums

Baby Pips Forums

Daily FX Forum

Forex Trading Strategy Without Indicator 99.9 Profit on the forums there will usually be someone who explains or gives a tutorial about forex from the technical side! but also not infrequently there are some people who provide tutorials or reading guides from the Fundamental side! but on average 70% of forex traders on forums are usually technical.