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Delta Dental Insurance Review

Dental health is essential to overall well-being. It also involves much more than your teeth – oral health includes the health of all structures, such as the gums, bones, ligaments, muscles, glands and nerves. Oral health also affects some of our basic human functions, shaping one's self-image and sense of well-being.

Dental insurance plans can help you save money on dental treatments and make routine dental visits less expensive. Keep reading to see if a dental plan from Delta Dental, the largest provider of dental insurance in the US, can help you and your family save money and achieve better overall health.

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About Delta Dental Company

Provider Network: The Delta Dental Plan Association is an umbrella network of 39 independent Delta dental insurance companies that offer coverage in all 50 states, Washington, Puerto Rico and other regions of the United States.

Plans and Coverage: Delta Dental offers five plans for individuals, seniors and people living in six different states, including Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, South Dakota, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Customer Service: Reviews show that customer service varies widely for different state insurance companies and individuals.

Three things we love about Delta Dental Insurance:

Decades of experience in the dental insurance industry

the largest provider network

A number of plans available at affordable prices

Three things we don't like about Delta Dental Insurance:

Their rating and number of complaints with the Better Business Bureau

Not all plans are available in every coverage area

Customer service for each Delta Dental insurance company varies greatly

About Delta Dental

Delta Dental Association describes itself as the nation's leading provider of dental insurance, serving more than 80 million Americans with the largest network of dentists nationwide. Delta Dental was created in 1966 to coordinate dental insurance for companies with employees in several states.

When asked if Delta Dental has special certifications or accreditations, a spokesperson for the Delta Dental Plan Association said, "Accreditations and accreditations vary among member firms to meet the unique needs of local markets."

Delta Dental Plans

The table below summarizes the important details and features of Delta Dental's five dental insurance plans. For complete plan details and coverage limits, contact Delta Dental or a licensed insurance broker.

Plan Name Delta Dental PPO™ Stripe Helcim DeltaCare® USA (HMO) Delta Dental Patient Direct®

The plan description gives you access to a network of dentists who accept discounted fees for covered services, giving you the lowest out-of-pocket costs. Offers the largest network of dentists. These dentists have agreed to a negotiated fee with Delta Dental, so you pay no more than your deductible and deductible for covered services. This plan combines the Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier Networks, giving you the benefits of the Delta Dental PPO and more. With this plan, even if your Delta Dental Premier dentist is not in the PPO network, you can still benefit from the dentist's agreed upon reimbursement. It offers low-cost dental coverage with an emphasis on preventive care. Enjoy low or no co-pays for preventive care and choose from a network of dentists to manage your dental needs. You can choose from a range of participating dentists who charge a reduced fee for their services. You pay the reduced fee directly to your dentist during the treatment, without submitting any documentation.

PPO Plan Type Fee for PPO Dental HMO Discount Plan Service

Dental Mesh Size ***

**** ***** * **

Premium $$$ $$$ $$$$$$$$

Annual Maximum Yes

yes yes no no

franchise yes

yes yes no no

Co-pays Yes Yes Yes Yes Not applicable

Potential savings $$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$

Source: Delta Dental Association


The Association of Delta Dental Plans is a network of 39 independent Delta Dental companies that provide coverage in all 50 states, as well as in Washington, DC, Puerto Rico and other regions of the United States.

Provider network

Delta Dental has the largest dental network in the country. Each state has its own Delta dental insurance company, which forms the Association of Delta Dental Plans. Each individual plan in each state has its own network of providers. The grid size depends on the type of plan you choose.