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Best Slip and Fall Lawyers

How often do you trip while walking across the street? Such trips and falls account for nearly 800,000 hospital admissions. It is the property owners responsibility to maintain the safety of customers, visitors and guests.

Anyone who is injured because there is no safe ground, no warning signs or no repair is entitled to compensation. Slip and fall attorneys play an essential role in filing and fighting accident claims.

This article will mainly consist of basic details about slip and fall injuries and the best lawyers who can fight the case.

Slip and fall accidents

Slips, falls, and falls are generally situations in which the building owner is liable for the accident. The law states that a victim is entitled to compensation if a property owner fails to maintain a safe environment for visitors or customers.

The victim may seek compensation if the property owner fails to warn visitors of potential dangers to the property.

However, some exceptions to such cases are based on the cases listed below.

The property owner is not responsible if the visitor is distracted

Property risks should be unclear to a reasonably responsible person

The victim will not be compensated in case of property infringement

The owner will be liable if the design of the property is responsible for the fall

As much as it is the property owner's responsibility to provide a safe environment for visitors, the visitor must also exercise caution and behave responsibly.

Let's get to know the role of sliding glass lawyers who can help the parties in such cases.

How can a slip and fall attorney help you?

Personal injury cases do not accept self-representation. A responsible lawyer is needed to investigate the case and bring it to the higher authority.

Slip and fall attorneys are experts in negotiation skills and can pick up the slack from an incident. Unclear presentation of the case may result in denial of compensation.

Here are some tips on how lawyers can help prevent a case from slipping.

Investigation of witness statements

Consult with people who have direct or indirect knowledge of buildings

Scene assessment and probability analysis

Gathering evidence in the form of reports and photographs to be presented to the higher authority

Organizing your medical documents for claiming compensation

Negotiate a fair settlement amount by consulting with the insurance company

After listing the critical role of slip and fall attorneys, tell us the top 10 industry experts with excellent litigation skills.

Top 10 Slip and Fall Lawyers

There is no doubt that attorneys are among the highest paid attorneys in the legal industry. Their fees depend on location, experience, type of property and value of the item.

Check out some great attorneys for your reference.

1. Ben Rubinovich

Ben Robinowitz

Source: Top 100 Personal Injury Lawyers

Ben Rubinowitz has more than three decades of industry experience with many roles at New York magazine. He was awarded the "Best Lawyer of the Year" for his excellent skills in the courtroom.

Rubinowitz is experienced with slip and fall injuries, and his exposure to the case became a landmark. He is a very hardworking and dedicated attorney who is as invested in the case as the victim.

2. Brian Bunish

Brian Bunish

Source: Daily Medicus

Brian Banish has a proven track record as one of the most successful slip and fall injury lawyers in US history. He has many prestigious wins under his name due to excellent jury verdicts.

He also has the merit of holding the maximum amount of compensation in personal injury cases. Many publications and law firms agree that he is one of the most intelligent lawyers in the country. He was recently named "Bully of the Year" and was named to the Best Lawyers list.

3. Carol L Forte

Carol Forte has stood the standards of the legal industry since the moment she joined it. Not only is he a great lawyer, but he also handles medical malpractice cases. Forte was a registered nurse who advanced her medical knowledge by fighting cases.

Her knowledge has enhanced her mastery of advocacy skills, and her colleagues cannot stop praising her standards of professionalism. She is a dedicated attorney who has settled numerous multi-million dollar cases. His name is synonymous with ethical behavior in the industry.