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Ave Home Loans Review

Loan Ave is not a lender available in our panel. This is just an overview. Loan Ave (also called Loan Avenue) is a non-bank lender that provides specialized home loan services to specialized borrowers. With a variety of mortgage loan options, it focuses on providing loans tailored to meet borrowers' individual goals.



Founded: 2005


Property of: Yellow Brick Road


Funded by: Bendigo and Bank of Adelaide


LMI Provider: Bendigo Bank and Adelaide

account balance

Lender Type: Non-Bank Lender

Loan Ave is a member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), the national industry body that governs the activities of the finance industry. It also operates under the NCCP Act.

How do Loan Ave home purchase loans compare?

The pros and cons

Competitive interest rates

Special help schemes for first home buyers

Refinancing and debt consolidation

Custom Home Loan Services

Owner-managed investment options

100% offset accounts

Home loans without fees

Loans with low documents for the self-employed

credit lines

Eligible for one-time transaction only

Do not collect deposits (depends on financiers)

It does not have its own credit rating system

It has no branches of its own

It is difficult to get an exception for high debt or unstable income

There is no mortgage facility

If you need more help deciding if this lender is right for you, our professional brokers can help. Call us on 1300889743 or fill the inquiry form.

What types of home loans does Loan Ave offer?

Loan Ave's specialty is customized home loan solutions because they understand the unique needs of different borrowers. It has a wide range of home loan services to offer.

Bridging funding

This financing option allows homeowners to purchase a new home before selling their existing home. Loan Ave allows borrowers to forgo repayments on their new home loan for the bridging period while selling their existing home. Up to 95%* of the value of the new home (plus all associated fees and charges) can be borrowed.

Alt-doc Loans

The main idea behind Alt-doc loans is that they require less paperwork and less money, making them ideal for self-employed borrowers. These low doc loans give borrowers access to features such as flexible repayment options, redrawing facilities, 100% mortgage clearing on standard variable rate loans and several fixed rate products. Up to 80% of the value of the secured property can be borrowed (depending on the type and location).

Specialized loans

At Loan Ave, specialized loans can exceed 80 percent of the value of the collateral, and the interest rate depends on the severity of the credit history. Specialized loans work best for applicants who have bad credit history or those with an unstable work history.

construction loans

Loan Ave obtains wholesale financing and offers construction solutions for the widest range of customer requirements. Whatever your construction loan needs, Loan Ave can potentially provide the solution for you - including self-employed borrowers.

Tips for applying with Loan Ave

Loan Ave says that considering the following before applying for one of its loans works best:

Study the Loan Credit Guide

Browse the benefits of Premium Product Range, Flexible Product Range and Premium Product Range

Consult Loan Ave for the exact charges and interest rates applicable to your individual situation

Comparison of loan offers with other lenders

If you need help finding the perfect lender for your situation, our home loan experts can help.

Speak to one of our professional mortgage brokers. Call us on 1300889743 or fill out our free online inquiry form.