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Tips for Playing Stocks Beautifully

Playing with stocks is not an easy matter as easy as turning the palm of the hand. You must have the acumen to read global and local situations. A little mistake can lead to you losing so many assets that you have.

Because shares are one of the capital market products which are proof to the holder that he is one of the owners of the company that issued the share certificate, of course, to be able to benefit from this investment, you must follow the methods and rules of the game. This is a rational product, so of course the rules of the game can be very rational. We cannot forever rely on non-ratio factors such as luck factors to achieve profits in the stock market.

Therefore, on this occasion, Kunci Finance will share a few tips and tricks for playing stocks so you don't lose money. What are the tricks? Here he is...

1. ‘Humanize’ Your Stocks

Humanizing stocks, what I mean here is by not treating stocks as mere sheets of paper. Stock is a product issued by a company that is managed by humans. There is a role and a touch of human hands, so treat the stock as you would treat the people who manage it. Look, observe and be careful in action.

2. Stay conservative and alert

Indonesia is an example of an emerging market, which means that anything listed in financial data, especially one that has not been audited and approved by Bapepam, may not be entirely true. Be careful and stay conservative so you don't get disappointed with the financial data listed in the book.

3. Play at the safe level first

For those of you who are beginners in playing stocks, in order to avoid big losses, you should first collect blue chip stocks that are falling in price due to exposure to rights issue sentiments such as changing ministers, warm political temperatures and so on. This type of stock in a short time, as soon as the rights issue begins to subside, usually the price will start to rise again. Although the nature of blue chip stocks is sometimes average, it is a safe stock and worth collecting for a long time.

4. Don't be too emotional

Playing stocks is sometimes the same as playing gambling, that is, if you start getting emotional and out of control, you will usually lose big. Stay calm and disciplined with the boundaries you set beforehand. For example, you have a limit of 37% above and 8% below, so stick to the limits you have made, never follow your passions just because the movement in the market looks dive or sharply up.

5. Don't hold too many shares

No matter how great humans are, they still have limits. For that, you should not hold too many types of shares at the same time. The safe limit for collecting types of stocks on the market is usually around 7 to 8 types of stocks with a mechanism, focusing on 3 types of stocks and holding 1-2 stocks to be held for a period of one year.

6. Observe the characteristics of the stock market

Stock exchanges usually tend to have a fixed characteristic rotation each year. For example, stocks usually tend to strengthen and rise in April and May as a measure to anticipate the publication of financial statements and the distribution of dividends (sell). On the other hand, in September-October, there is usually a downward trend because it is quiet, there is no news and activity (buy). Meanwhile, at the end of the year there was another upward trend, in anticipation of window dressing and welcoming the January effect (sell). In February-March, there is usually a correction after window dressing and January effect (buy). And so on.

From the tips and tricks above, of course there are other things that we all cannot anticipate when playing stocks as I mentioned above, namely the luck factor. For that, the key is to keep asking God for guidance, so that you are always lucky. And don't forget, if the gains and profits are large, set aside some of your profits to those who need it so that luck will always overshadow your steps.