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Quick Ways to Learn Forex For Beginners

Tips for finding a quality and reliable place to learn forex trading for beginners is like finding a suitable and suitable hair clipper. Basically there are many good forex learning places, but sometimes the teaching patterns are difficult to understand. Check out the detailed review below:

FOREX Trading or better known as the Forex Exchange (Foreign Exchange) is a type of trade/transaction that trades the currency of a country against the currencies of other countries involving the main money markets in the world for 24 hours continuously.

Given the level of liquidity and the acceleration of high price movements, Forex trading has become the most popular alternative because of the ROI (Return Of Investment or the return of the investment value that we have invested) and the profit that will be obtained can exceed the average trading in general (usually the average the average return ranges from more than 5% – 10% per month, it can even reach more than 100% per month for professional traders).Namely all world currencies that have high selling power. Example: USDollar, Yen, Euro, Franc, Pound sterling 

(EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF) and others.

How is the transaction process?

What is “Buy/Sell” in this foreign exchange market? In this forex exchange you can buy or sell the currency traded. The objective is to get a profit or profit from the position of the transaction that you do.

Example: if you buy (BUY/Offer/Long) a currency and the price movement of that currency shows a graph of a significant increase, then you can take advantage of the price difference by closing your long position, and vice versa if you sell ( SELL/Bid/Short) and then the price movement of the currency has a downward graph, so you can also take profit by closing your short position.

What are "Two Ways Opportunities" in FOREX?

Yes! Transactions in FOREX can be done in a 2-way way to take profits. BUY (buy) first, then close with take profit SELL Liquid (sell) or conversely do SELL (sell) first, then close with take profit BUY Liquid (buy).

How to calculate the result of my transaction in FOREX?

Here's how: For FOREX, which is against USDollar, there are 2 main types of currency, namely Direct and Indirect


Direct : GBP/USD, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, etc. (the main thing is …/USD)

Indirect : USD/JPY, USD/CHF, etc ( USD/…. )

And for the calculation: Suppose we start this Forex trading with an initial capital of US $ 5000 (regular account), then how to count our transactions are:

For Direct currency: for example, we trade on a regular Forex account type, which then we enter the quantity contract size = US$100,000 and we do Buy on EUR/USD at position 1.2000 and then close Sell (take profit) at position 1.2010, then we will profit of: (1.2010 – 1.2000 ) x 100000 = $100 (profit) or vice versa if the loss is also the same count.

For Indirect currencies: for example, we are trading on a regular Forex account type, which then we input the quantity contract size = US$100,000 and we Sell on USD/JPY at position 110.10 and then close Buy (take profit) at position 110.00, then we will profit of: (110.10 – 110.00 ) x 100000) / liquid position 110.00 = $ 90.91 (profit) or vice versa if the loss is also the same count.