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Online Stocks Without Capital, Is It Possible?

Online stocks – stock movements are indeed volatile whether it's on the local stock exchange (JSX) or stock exchanges in the world. You can buy stocks online and if you are interested and have qualified skills, you can try to pursue this one business.

In fact, investments can be made into a variety of instruments. Stock investing is just one of the many types of investments that exist. You certainly know investment instruments that are quite popular in the eyes of the layman, such as deposits, gold, and property. However, by learning to play stocks, you will find various kinds of benefits that you will not get in other investment instruments.

As the saying goes, if you don't know, you don't love. In fact, playing stocks or more accurately called stock investing is not as difficult as the public imagines. The stock price movement itself can be studied further. There are two types of approaches that you must master if you want to be successful in your stock investments.

The first is by looking at the background, characteristics, and values ​​of the company itself, which is better known as fundamental analysis.

The second is by means of technical analysis. This second method uses a very different approach to the first. All professional stock analysts use the concept of technical analysis to find out the pattern of stock price movements in the market from the chart formation formed by the price movements that occur. You need to know that technical analysis itself is divided into two major parts, namely classical technical analysis and modern technical analysis.

Classical technical analysis analyzes stock price movements purely from the chart, which includes the process of pulling lines (trendline, support, resistance), and balanced by volume analysis.

Modern technical analysis analyzes stock price movements using several mathematical calculations such as average values, standard deviations, exponential rates, transformations, and various other types. The simplest and most frequently used are moving average prices and the calculation of the stochastic oscillator.

The things above are what make most retail investors lazy to study it and end up making transactions only based on rumors that are often misleading. The things above are considered complex and the majority of people say that learning to play the stock is difficult. This happens because the person does not want to learn it first, and wants to quickly become 'good at' in investing in stocks.