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How to Play Stocks for Beginners, Tricks to Earn Money

How to play stocks is important for early investors to understand well so as not to lose in investing. The stock is valued as a high investment investment. That is, investing in stocks offers big profits, but there is a big opportunity to lose capital. In contrast to low risk investments, which have minimal losses. Even if it's high risk, investment is not dangerous why, if you know how to play poker well. Especially if you are a novice inverter.

How to Play Stocks for Beginners, Tricks to Earn Money

It's time for you to learn to invest in order to make money in the future. Worrying about the high risk that lurks will only make you pile up the funds in the product of the same river bank, but luckily. Come on, learn how to play stocks together through the article below. This article will cover good games for starters, securities reports, and risks you should be aware of before.

Before learning how to play stocks, what about stock investing?

Investment is a means to increase wealth in the future. If you are smart and wise in investing, you will enjoy an attractive profit. Profits can be made in the short or long term depending on the type of investment selected. Short term investments usually last for three to 12 months before generating returns or profits.

Short-term investments are often tried when the investor wants to save their funds while waiting for other, more profitable investment opportunities. Mutual funds are a form of short-term investment. What about long-term investments? To enjoy a return from investment, you have to wait years and at a risk. However, the resulting returns tend to be large. A popular long-term investment is right.

Investments in shares are carried out in the form of capital investments for a single company or limited service. By participating in the investment, you become part of the ownership of the company or the limited liability company. So you are entitled to enjoy the profits earned by the business according to the number of shares you invested. You also have the right to be present at the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) which discusses the ideas of the shareholders regarding the company's policy.

Due to the high risk investment of stock, you cannot trade in the same. There is a way of playing stock that should be considered so that the funds you plant generate profits, not gains due to good habits when investing. The lack of investment literature has become one of the factors causing the failure of young investors, you know. Without proper knowledge and in dealing with the intricacies of stocks, initially invest the capital based on passion.

Remember, investing in stocks is not only trend-following capital! You are risking not a small amount of money in hopes of earning in the future. Therefore, seriousness and conscientiousness in action need to be improved for the original inverter. So, in order for you to grow into an excellent stock investor, to learn how to play stock to begin with the following:

1. Choose a Security with a Cash Transfer Fee

How to play stock requires a transaction fee that is paid to the securities company or broker. Usually transactions are needed for us to buy cool shares. Similarly, when you want to sell shares, there can be sales transactions for the securities or brokers. Usually this transaction is deposited to a securities account (customer's account) which is made when you first join a foreign currency company.

Because of this, you have to choose between securities companies that stipulate the usual small transfers so as not to be burdened each time. The transactions for each security are various. There are those who set the purchase fee of 0-15-0.19%, while the selling fee is 0.20%. Also pay attention to the provisions of the initial capital deposit to the securities account. Now the initial capital can start from IDR 100,000. So, don't be fooled when there is a curator who asks for an initial deposit that is too big.

2. Iѕі Account Effects Wisely

As with a large number of pocket-friendly initial capital, the price per share is only around R300. With a price per sheet of 300, you only have to provide funds of 30,000 to start investing in shares. Yes, the regulations that apply are that investors must purchase a minimum of 1 lot of 100 shares. How to play the pocket-friendly ukuр stock, right? But, is the law profitable only by owning 100 shares worth Rp. 30,000?

Remember, stock investments are long-term investments. It's not impossible that in the next 10-15 years your investment value will increase. However, don't get carried away too much by being too splurge on buying stocks without careful calculations.