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ActBlue Donations: Small Dollars, Big Change

Welcome to the home of young donors. We're proud to have built the fundraising tools used by thousands of grassroots groups and millions of donors to make their voices heard and transform the power structures in our country.

As a nonprofit organization, we are driven by the belief that our democracy works best when more people participate in civic life and when our nonprofit campaigns and organizations are supported by the people we serve.

That's why we've built a powerful online fundraising platform for up-and-coming Democratic candidates, progressive organizations, and nonprofits. Our tools allow anyone to build a grassroots campaign or movement and give donors an easy and secure way to support their favorite candidates and causes.

How ActBlue works

We want as many groups as possible to be able to create strong grassroots fundraising programs. Our platform is available to Democratic candidates, committees, progressive organizations and nonprofits that share our values ​​at no cost plus a 3.95% donation processing fee.

We operate as a channel, which means that donations made through ActBlue to a campaign or organization are considered individual donations. You can read more about our structure here.

We care about building fundraising tools and technology so that groups using our platform can focus on engaging and connecting with their supporters - we don't collect money, donate or send text messages or emails on behalf of anyone group. As a non-profit organization, we are funded by amazing small donors!

Why tens of thousands of campaigns and organizations trust us

We work year-round, so even when campaigns end, our innovation continues. Our engineers are constantly A/B testing our contribution models, creating new features and keeping up with the latest developments in online security.

Millions of donors can donate to any group using our platform with one click because they've saved their payment information through the ActBlue Express feature.

The best part? All of our tools and features are standard for every group that uses our platform, so a local food bank or school board candidate can benefit from the same fundraising tools as someone running for president. And we don't let people discover our tools on their own!

We have a dedicated donor support team, and our digital fundraising experts are ready to share their knowledge and work directly with fundraisers by providing training, ideas and other assistance.

Do you want to join the team?

It takes all kinds of people to run a small donor movement, and our growing team reflects that. We are driven, creative and collaborative people at the intersection of politics, technology and advocacy. Learn more about our opportunities here!